Why I love Fall: 2014 trends

I admit I am glad Summer is over. Especially because this past Summer she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be hot or cold. So temperamental! Our weather lately is so unpredictable but I am hoping Fall will be true to it’s nature: crisp and cool. This Fall a few trends I am loving…

Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2014

Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2014

Coach Fall/Winter2014

Coach Fall/Winter 2014

Hats: love hats! Either you’re a hat person or you’re not. Although I haven’t purchased any really cool hats these last few seasons. I am loving the look of this one, the rim is the perfect size.

Pamela Roland Fall/Winter 2014

Pamela Roland Fall/Winter 2014


Noon by Noor Fall/Winter 2014

Coats: wool coats. Love the comfort of a coat (of course everyone does) but it’s like a security baby blanket for me. Cozy and warm when the weather is crisp perfect for long walks. I feel naked in the Summer without a coat, of course weather doesn’t permit. But anyone else know what I mean? Like I’m missing something.

Milly by Michelle Smith Fall/Winter 2014

Milly by Michelle Smith Fall/Winter 2014

Scarves: my favourite accessory! Right when the coolness creeps into Fall I bring out my scarves. Love them so much that I used to knit my chunky scarves…but really as a new mom with a bib business who has time to knit. Cashmere pashminas are also another fave as perfect for travel!

 Are you ready for Fall 2014? What are your Fall faves?

 (images c/o beautypress.com)


PR & the Blogger: Jayne Ambler


Over the course of my seven year blogging life I have come to develop a number of relationships with various public relations representatives. Aside from family they’re the ones I interact with the most via emails and social media outlets. It’s only natural that work friendships develop. One representative that I enjoy working with is, Jayne Ambler of Jayne Ambler & Co. She just recently branched on her own and is now Principal of her own company! As part of my PR & the Blogger interview series (read part one of PR & the Blogger: Olivia Wu) I pitched the idea to Jayne for an interview.

Who: Jayne Ambler

job title: Principal of Jayne Ambler & Co.

Head Shot - Jayne Ambler(1) What is the role of PR and the blogger? 

To me it’s all about creating a relationship. We rely on each other to get our job done. As a PR professional, I work hard to ensure I’m providing exciting content ideas for the bloggers I work with. I make sure I’m available to help them with any of their stories, their requests or their needs. It’s really about creating a working relationship, which often ends up turning into a working friendship!

(2) What advice would you give to someone trying a career in PR?

Work hard. And just when you think you are at your max, push a little harder. You’ll be amazed with what you can do and the lasting impression you will leave. There’s no doubt that a career in PR is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work, and often work that is outside your typical “working” hours.

And be authentic. Whether that’s in the relationships you’re building or the work you do, or the way you present yourself. Be you and be real. People appreciate that.

(3) Is there a limit on how many samples go out to bloggers? And what is the best policy if a blogger doesn’t like the product sent (i.e don’t blog about it, etc…)

I would never say there is a limit to the number of samples we give out, it’s more about finding the right fit and being sure that were sending the right products to the right person. As much as I would love to include everyone in every new launch, I also know that it’s important to give bloggers products that they can actually use and properly test. Or if they themselves can’t, I always encourage them to share it with someone close to them who can!

I, and I’m sure everyone else, respects bloggers who give honest reviews and if a blogger doesn’t like a product I’ve sent them, I don’t expect them to write a positive review, rather I hope, if they do take the time to still post about it, that they give their honest explanation as to why they didn’t like it. I would also find it beneficial if we had a conversation about it, discuss why they didn’t like it, why it didn’t work for their skin type, etc. and I would try my best to offer something new or different that might be more appropriate for them.  Again, it goes back to building that relationship, and trusting that if there is a problem the blogger will let me know. And they feel comfortable coming back to me with an opinion or questions.

(4) What is the future of PR and the blogger? 

It’s evolving and growing which is SO exciting. Every day there are new blogs popping up with new ways of thinking, writing and sharing. Blogs will continue to play a vital role in the media and as a key relationship for PR professionals and brands. And I honestly think that blogs will continue to become more and more important resources for honest information, reviews and opinions.

5) Given that bloggers are given products free for review. Some would say that bloggers are providing free advertisement to the respective companies. What are your thoughts?

We treat bloggers like any other media, and in particular with beauty products, it’s crucial that the blogger, or editor, receives the product to try. How can they review a product if they don’t receive it?! So the reason we give the product to the editors is not to get “free advertising” in return, rather it’s to build that relationship, develop content together and share the news and an honest review with their readers. I appreciate the bloggers that I work with who not only share the information they are given about the product, but they also take the time to form their own opinions about it and share that with their readers. And to me, that’s very different than advertising!

Thanks Jayne!

Of course no interview is complete without a favourite beauty product list. So, I asked Jayne her skincare regime and beauty must-haves.

Jayne- The beauty product I can’t live without: definitely my L’Oreal Paris Voluminous mascara. My lashes are pretty light and without mascara on, I just feel like my eyes aren’t quite noticeable enough. I’ve tried many different kinds of mascara, but I always come back to this tried and true product. I think I’ve been using it since I was in high school! And I have to also mention the Vichy Capital Soleil Ultra Fluid. I’ll admit, as a teen and young 20 year old, I didn’t really think sun protection was important. But now I’m starting to see the effects of those years without protection on my skin. So I’m now very diligent about wearing sun protection all year long and in the hot summer sun, you’ll definitely always find me under a hat!

As for her skincare regime:

  • Cleanse with Vichy ProEVEN Cleanser
  • Then apply Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
  • twice a week I exfoliate using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Day (applied in this order):
  • Rinse face with water
  • Vichy Idealia Life Serum
  • Vichy Idealia BB Cream
  • Vichy Capital Soleil Ultra Fluid

Her daily beauty must-haves:

  • Lancome undereye concealer
  • Lancome Teint Visionnaire
  • Joe Fresh blush in melon
  • L’Oreal Paris Voluminous mascara

What do you think of my PR & Blogger series? Would you like to read more about the industry?

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