Try eyebrow threading at home…I did

October 16th 2008

Back in August I wrote EyeSpy Eyebrows, about my first time getting my eyebrows professionally threaded. Well, since then I’ve been interested in trying to learn the technique. I came across a fabulous eyebrow threading tutorial on youtube a few weeks ago by the member Eily311. This tutorial is one of the best I’ve seen so far on the net and with practice you too can thread your own eyebrows. So, this technique took me about three attempts and trying different thickness’ of thread. For me, the easiest method is to make the loop very small & use thin cotton thread (from your sewing kit). Also, practice makes perfect! Don’t expect the same results as you would at a salon (atleast until you can master it), for me I still find it difficult to do the underside of my eyebrows. The top and sides of eyebrows were easier, as I find that because I can’t hold my skin taut above my eyebrow arch I can’t reach/grab the smaller hairs. I’m unsure if I’ll continue to use this technique at home or if I’ll just get it done by a pro. I usually just pluck but find that threading gives you a cleaner look and nicer shape. Let me know what you think of this tutorial? And if you actually try it?
Goodluck & patience:)

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