Trick or Treat {LUSH Limited Edition Halloween Products}

October 29th 2009

There’s nothing scary about LUSH’s limited edition Halloween products. Actually the opposite, delightful! You all know by now I’m a big fan of LUSH so a few weeks ago when I wrote that I wanted to get a few LUSH Halloween goodies LUSH responded by sending me some nice treats {thank you!}…Actually the day prior to my lovely treats arriving I got my hands on some LUSH (the great) Pumpkin soap that I decided to share with gorgeous blogger Tali because she mentioned how she wanted some but none were available in the U.K. So now I have plenty of pumpkin soap to last me, yippee! So I get excited about soap…especially because its smells so good.
LUSH sent me;
(The Great) Pumpkin Soap, as mentioned. Smells like pumpkin (of course), cinnamon & hint of citrus, yummy! Price $5.95 CDN
Cobweb Bath Bomb, smells so good but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Price $5.95 CDN
Jacko Bath Bomb, smells slightly different than the soap. Also haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Price $4.95 CDN
Ghost Shower Gel, which I have been using alot. This shower gel is officially tied with my beloved Dove Cream Oil Shower gel. With scents of rose, orchids, and lilies this is a a bouquet of flowers, nothing scary about this Ghost. I like that the scent lingers on your body but its not overpowering that you can’t layer your favourite perfume. Price $16.95 for 250ml
All items are limited edition & if they’re not sold out yet make sure to get some before they run out!
Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat!
(Thank you to the great team at LUSH for tracking down the Pumpkin soap)
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