Summer at Tiffany {on the bookself}

June 22nd 2010
Do you remember your first Summer job? How about Summer love? Or the first time you left home for the Summer? It was the Summer of 1945 and two young ladies from the University of Iowa head to the dazzle of New York City. Back then New York was the place to be for the Summer for young “career girls”, the most sought after Summer jobs were working at Lord & Taylor’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. The two young ladies, Marjorie (the author) and her friend Marty, didn’t get a job at either stores or any other department stores. However, the two friends tried their luck at Tiffany and they got jobs as pages all because there was a shortage of men due to the war. This was the first time Tiffany hired females for the sales floor! What follows is the exciting stories Marjorie and Marty have that Summer, from sighting famous celebrities enter Tiffany like Marlene Dietrich to having a “vodka daiquiri with a twist” at the La Martinique. Beauty products include; bronze stocking sticks, Pond’s hand cream, Jergen’s lotion, Dubarry nail polish, Kreml shampoo, Max Factor powder, and Tangee lipstick. What else does a girl need in 1945!

(Marty & Marojorie at the beach, image via myspace)

Summer at Tiffany is a fun read and offers an historical insight of New York City in the 1940’s. Great book for a plane ride or lounging by the pool.
Marjorie Hart’s blog, myspace
What books will you be reading this Summer?
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