Smooze with Schön! {events & travel}

Being a flight attendant definitely has it travel perks and combine that with being a beauty blogger sometimes fashion blogger, the perfect mix of being able to attend worldwide events. Late night at the end of July I found myself underground in East London at a lavish 19th century Turkish bathhouse now converted into an entertainment venue, appropriately named The Bathhouse. The event, a Schön! Magazine soirée, stylish folks and pleasant company (I recruited two of my fellow co-workers to come with me. Which also meant a day of shopping in the Knightsbridge TopShop in hopes of finding outfits for the late evening event). 
Schön! Magazine is unlike any other magazine, you won’t find commercialized fashion trends instead looks that encompass the ideas of creativity within our global streets. The photography in the magazine is art, makeup inspirational, and makes a great coffee table addition. Your friends will ignore you and love coming over just to flip the pages of Schön! Oh and the Schön cloth gift bag is perfect for shopping!
(Schön! Magazine cover via NINETEEN74)
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