Skincare on-the-fly {Travel}

May 25th 2012
beauty to go

As I write this I’ve been on the go for five days which means that packing the appropriate Beauty Travel Must-Haves are essential. Not being a fan of packing too many beauty products, always tempting considering the amount of items at home, the last thing I want to happen is broken products. Plus, the amount of liquids thru airport security is so limited, really not necessary the hassle of products taken away due to excess.
Here are a few products I’ve been loving;
La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra; one of La Roche Posay’s newest products in Canada I love this light-weight moisturizer and will be repurchasing as it has changed my skin. Targeted for those with allergic and intolerant skin, which I am neither, nonetheless I’ve had no reactions to this product. Actually, less clogged pores and smoother skin. A new long-term favourite!
Vichy Aqualia Antiox Eyes; an old favourite for tired eyes which I’ve blogged about in the past. This little eye stick lasts forever (keep it in the fridge), feels fantastic around the eye area especially when chilled. The packaging has changed a bit but still great product. Best part not part of the airport liquid restrictions!
Marcelle BB Beauty Balm; I’ve recommended this BB Cream to so many co-workers as its one of the best in the North American market. The most similar to its Asian counterparts, this BB cream won’t leave you oily. Perfect amount of light coverage, especially for travelling when I hate wearing heavy makeup.
MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser; a sulfate-free cleanser that is gentle and removes makeup. Love the feel of  this cleanser, doesn’t dry my skin and leaves it refreshed. I have the travel size version which fits perfect in my makeup bag.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; this is a vaseline for adults! Actually think of this product as vaseline on steroids. Originally developed for skin burns this cream (more like a greasy balm) is “an everything” product. Use it everywhere you feel dry! An old favourite here at!
Cleansing Cloths; being a big fan of cleansing cloths I’m not loyal to one brand in this department. I do prefer the dry cloths that foam with water but don’t dismiss the wet version. These are perfect as a mask, leave in hotel mini-fridge and after cleansing your skin apply for a few minutes.
Spray Water Bottle; find a travel size version of a water spray. This are perfect to spritz your face with during a flight, feels refreshing and hydrates.
What are your travel skincare must-haves? For airport tips read an older post here! Or search “travel” under the search function.

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