a room to Blog {interior design}

a room to blog

Decorating my first home has been a bit…consuming. As I’m trying to stick to a budget (which is not always easy) most of my furniture has either been found on kijiji (an online buy & sell site) or at HomeSense (a discounted home store).  But now I must face the second bedroom which I am trying to convert into a blogging room. Here is where I want to store all my makeup, organize all my PR contacts, event dates on a paper calendar….am I one of the few that still buys calendars? Can’t get the hand of using my Android phone to input important dates. I much prefer to visually see a calendar on a wall or in an agenda than electronically. Oh well call me old fashion!
The blog room will also be a place where I can showcase all my little World trinkets. And I’ve always wanted a map of the World to pin all the places I’ve been.
Any bloggers have their own designated blogging area? Or a designated makeup room?

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    Lukcy you!!! You get a whole room to do what you love :) I think it's a great idea. Beacuse I share an apartment with a roommate, my stuff is split between my room (makeup) and my desk in the main area. I've been eyeing that "I Love You Blogs and Coffee" print since you first posted it and really want to get it for my own space one day. Looking forward to seeing what your

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    Yes I am lucky:)) My makeup is spilling into all rooms of the house &amp; I hate the disorganization.<br />I LOVE that poster too, I bought it back in December when Jen was having a sale &amp; its been sitting in a frame in my kitchen but can&#39;t wait to put it up in the blog room.

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