a room to Blog {interior design}

March 27th 2012
a room to blog

Decorating my first home has been a bit…consuming. As I’m trying to stick to a budget (which is not always easy) most of my furniture has either been found on kijiji (an online buy & sell site) or at HomeSense (a discounted home store).  But now I must face the second bedroom which I am trying to convert into a blogging room. Here is where I want to store all my makeup, organize all my PR contacts, event dates on a paper calendar….am I one of the few that still buys calendars? Can’t get the hand of using my Android phone to input important dates. I much prefer to visually see a calendar on a wall or in an agenda than electronically. Oh well call me old fashion!
The blog room will also be a place where I can showcase all my little World trinkets. And I’ve always wanted a map of the World to pin all the places I’ve been.
Any bloggers have their own designated blogging area? Or a designated makeup room?

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