Resurface for Fall’14: Arbonne skincare & giveaway

resurfacing pads
Sadly, Summer is coming to an end. I know there’s a month left to go but the weather has been cooler than normal. And with the change in weather there is also a change in my skincare routine. Surely, any excuse to try new skincare is on my shopping list. However, changing your skincare according to weather makes sense. No explanation needed right?

In the beginning of every season I like to do an exfoliation treatment. Either a gentle daily manual facial scrub for a few weeks or a chemical exfoliation. Just to get all the gunk out of my pores and get rid of flaky skin. I have a few favourite resurfacing products I love but today I’m sharing one of my more recent item.


Arbonne Intelligence Genius nightly resurfacing pads, a two month supply (give or take on the month) of 60 disposable textured pads. Claims to work in two weeks at; reducing dark spots and fine lines, even tone and smoothness.
Breakdown: what is it?

Genius is a brilliant delivery system designed to unveil your most radiant, healthy-looking skin. Nightly Resurfacing Pads are paired with a fresh-pour solution containing our dynamic proprietary PBR+ complex with Phytinol™, botanicals and retinoid.”

These pads come in a two step system. However, you pour the whole bottle solution once you receive the product so basically you end up with one step. It’s like that to prevent the pads from drying out. They do stay moist for the 60 days.

Take note that there is alcohol in it so for those that are extra sensitive keep that in mind. Personally, I had no problem with the alcohol. Here’s a better explanation as why alcohol is used.

Q. Why is SD alcohol used in this formula specifically?
A. SD alcohol is used to deliver the solubilization of the key ingredient retinoid, which results in better stability, efficacy, and faster delivery to the skin surface. SD pure grain alcohol is also used to solubilize brightening ingredients, such as mandelic and azelaic acids, which are not soluble in a waterless base. It also reduces tackiness and absorption while improving delivery of key ingredients for superior performance. We designed the formula to be waterless to take advantage of its moisturizing benefit and to avoid the use of preservatives and minimize irritation potential.”

Pros: works at smoothing my skin texture and adds a glow factor to skin. My skin looked more even toned and clear. Pores also looked smaller. Doesn’t dry out my skin instead feels moisturized after each use. Would use again as I liked the quick results.

Cons: pricey however Arbonne usually does special pricing (or atleast my consultant always gives me a deal. I’ll leave her info at the bottom). If you haven’t used a resurfacing product before I’d start off lightly and use every other night and build a tolerance.

price $110 cdn

*for a detailed ingredients list and more info

Great news for those that are interested! ONE lucky reader will win Arbonne Intelligence nightly resurfacing pads. OPEN to residents of Canada and giveaway ends August 27th.

For more info on Arbonne or to order:


(I am not affiliated with Arbonne nor do I make a commission from any sales of Arbonne products. I am just a customer and my consultant was kind enough to offer one of my favourite products)
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  1. Andrea B. says

    I have used some Arbonne products before. I especially love their deep conditioning masque and black eyeshadow.

  2. says

    You are going to love the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads! I call them my magic eraser. They work great with any skin care line (especially Arbonne’s) and will take your skin care regime up a notch (or two). Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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