New Year, New Look {short hair}

With the end of the year near, new year resolutions are being written up (on scrap paper in my case). Normally, I don’t make new year resolutions as I find that they are only followed in the first three months. However, this year hoping things change…with change a new look is always helpful if not a motivator to continue with a new outlook.
For the last few months I’ve been contemplating cutting my hair really short. Ten-fifteen years ago I wouldn’t even have to think about it I’d just do…ah the 20’s are perfect for making impulsive decisions. And I did, when I was 19 I chopped off all my hair for a hair show and cried about it for a whole year. This was a time when ceramic flat-irons, heat protection sprays, etc…weren’t on the market. My hair at the time (without the aide of a hairstylist) was a big puffy mess. Fast-forward…less hair (yes with age I have less hair), new hairstyling tools and product innovations means short is possible.

Is short hair too daring for you? How short would you go?
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