the new face of MANGO

July 16th 2009

Scarlett Johansson is the face for MANGO’s Fall/Winter’09 campaign. MANGO chose the beautiful actress as the image for the campaign for her extraordinary personality, which embodies the ideal of the urban, enterprising, daring woman that we target. Johansson is the epitome of an elegant, sensual woman who is at the same time both creative and inquisitive, and always aware of the latest fashion. (MNG news) The MNG fall/winter’09 collection is influenced by the 80’s decade; leggings (trend will continue), dominant shoulders, narrow waists, leopard print, leather, and splashes of cobalt blue & maroon. I’m a fan of MANGO, I did work as an Assistant Manager in one of their first Toronto stores, thus the love!
I will admit that I’m not entirely in love with the 80’s influence that will be popular this Fall/Winter’09 in almost all fashion collections, not just MNG’s. Anyone else not feeling the 80’s vibe in fashion? Or perhaps you love the 80’s? But I still love 80’s retro music:)

(images: MNG news)

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