May the Force be with you {hair shedding}

May 17th 2010

After a certain age, according to most mature women I’ve spoken to, your hair goes down the drain…literally. Various factors could be the culprit for women experiencing hair shedding/loss, one is a thyroid condition which runs in my family but doesn’t effect me. So after ruling that out and stress I’ve come to the conclusion that after my mid-20’s, when I noticed less hair, my only option is getting plenty of nutrients in my system. My hair is still pretty thick but I have alot less of it, ironically when I was teen I hated my hair because it was so thick and I had alot of it. But the girth of my ponytail is alot thinner and I can see my scalp (but no patches). So, without stressing out about it, which makes the situation worse, I’ve tried to ignore my hair shedding problem. As I finished my bottle of multi-vitamins I ventured out in search of a “cure” because I couldn’t ignore the problem any longer.
My plan of attack:
Prairie Naturals Hair Force Nutritional Supplement-a multi-vitamin & mineral formula, contains Biotin which is good for hair
White Lightning Intensive Hair & Scalp Revitalizing Serum-a hair serum containing amino acids, trace minerals & vitamins

Murad Professional Scalp Treatment for Thinning hair Shampoo & Conditioner- I happened to find this on sale & decided to give it a try. Ingredients: pomegranate extract, artemia extract, & AHA’s

I’ve only been using this for the last week so no results or conclusions yet.
All of the above was purchased by me & no affiliation with any of the mentioned products.
Have any of you experienced hair shedding/loss? If yes, what works for you?

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