MAC Très Cheek {Spring 2012}

One of my most purchased beauty products is blush! Yup, for others a tube of lipstick or lipgloss but for me I can’t seem to get enough blushes and bronzers (a tie really) some might consider same category. I know I don’t post enough about MAC Cosmetics and its not for lack of interest its because there are many beauty blogs out there that concentrate only on MAC and do a great job. Plus, my favourite MAC products are the blushes and bronzers, do you really want only MAC blush/bronzer reviews? This April MAC releases Tres Cheek, a collection of bright shades that are perfect for a fresh Spring look. No beige this Spring! On my wishlist:

shade: Love Cloud (bright mid-tone pink in Satin finish)
shade: Immortal Flower (Bright Peach in Satin finish)
Collection release date, in North America April 5th 2012
retail $24.00
(images courtesy of
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