ICE is back for the last time!

February 1st 2009
ICE Boutique Sale
Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
(Avenue Road & Bloor St W)

EDIT: I happened to pass by this sale & seems that its no longer held at the Church but to the East of it (you can’t miss it). An actual ICE Outlet store has opened however I’m not sure till when. Drove by yesterday (Feb.10th) & still there.

The message I received wasn’t very detailed but it was clear that most items would be”up to 90%” off!! Also, this will be the last sale that ICE will hold in Toronto. Since I’m planning on going to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) this weekend I will have to stop by. Their last few sales haven’t been “anything to write home about.” Hopefully, a few finds will be found:)
For more info:
my past post here Kitson

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