Hairdryer SOS (again)

September 29th 2008

The BeSpoke Labs T3 Evolution Hair dryer has been returned!! On its second usage it kept on dying and I realized that this would not work for me. Although my hair did look good I wasn’t about to have to spent time waiting for it to restart after dying on me. This dryer does cut the hair drying time to half, but if I have to wait for it to cool off everytime I switch it off, than I’m actually back to the same time it was taking me to dry my hair with my original Babyliss. Plus, at more than $200 cdn (that was SALE price) I expect the hair dryer to work properly. So, now my dilema is do I go back to Sally’s Beauty Supply store & repurchase the Tool Science Nano-Silver Professional Hair Dryer or hunt down another brand? For under $100 cdn the Tool Science did a good job BUT neither were as good as the original TAIFF brand that I had tried in Brazil. If I could only find the TAIFF one that is adaptable to North American outlets than my hunt would end.

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