Gorgeous makeup at the Globes

The Golden Globes this year featured quite a few gorgeous makeup looks that anyone can mimic at home (a few trial & errors perhaps but a little makeup artist inner channeling will work). Here’s my faves!
January Jones: makeup by Rachel Goodwin
Lipstick-Chanel Rouge Allure in Dazzling
Face: Chanel 4 facettes Bronzing Powder (due out in April)


Penelope Cruz: makeup by Jeanine Lobell
for complete breakdown click popsugar

Laura Linney: Make-up by Joanna Schilp, for the complete makeup breakdown check out makeup411

Drew Barrymore: one of my faves, think Spring’09 trends

Cameron Diaz: although I wasn’t thrilled about the hair

I loved her makeup, very fresh-looking!

Jennifer Lopez: makeup most likely by Scott Barnes

(If anyone can confirm or deny this let me know:)

Salma Hayek: Makeup by Matthew Van Leeuwen for NARS

Eyes-China Blue Single Eyeshadow as liner
Cheeks-Desire Blush & Laguna Bronzer
Lipstick-Tutti Frutti
(credit: style.com)
(photo credits: makeup411.com, style.com, bellasugar.com)
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  1. says

    actually i don’t like Cameron Diaz’s mu here. it makes her look old. i prefer J. Lo’s. :)<BR/><BR/>ps: why did you change the top again??? i love the makeup parler pic. :(

  2. says

    I was bored so played around with the header. But I most likely will go back to the original (just checking if my readers pay attention LOL!).<BR/>J.Lo’s MU was one of my top faves, the usual bronzed look but it suits her.

  3. says

    Know what? I found everyone was "been there, done that." I liked Laura Linney’s makeup because she looked fresh and youthful, but Cameron’s was too done — aging, as jojoba commented. Everyone else wore their makeup like they always do! JLo was JLo, Penelope Cruz was very L’Oréal ads, January Jones was too "costumey" (softer eyes with that lip would have been better)… and I hated Drew’s hair.

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