GIVEAWAY! nuNAAT Karite Special Hair Care

Who wants sexy, soft, healthy hair for Spring? A few weeks ago I posted about nuNAAT Karite Special haircare and they are offering one of my lucky readers the entire Karite Special haircare line!! You’ll get:

Karite Creamy Shampoo
Karite Conditioner
Karite Intensive Mask
Karite Anti-Frizz
Karite Combing Cream

This awesome giveaway is open to Canada & US readers only (sorry to all the rest)! Deadline is April 17 midnight!
-Just leave your name in the comment section
-Tell me about a bad hair day experience
-Winner will be chosen using
Thank you for entering & Goodluck!
WINNER is BADFISH!! Congratulations & email me your address:)
Winner was chosen using
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  1. says

    My name is Melody.<br />and my bad hair days are when my hair gets frizzy and super dry, so dry that it feels damaged.<br />It feels like there is nothing I can do to fix it !

  2. says

    Known as cocamia in the blog world, my real name is Anna.<br />I have the thickest, driest and stubborn Italian hair!!! Its prone to dry and frizzy bad hair days…these products sound like they are gonna deliver!!!

  3. says

    My name is Ashwini. My bad hair day was when it was all greasy and tied back in a clip, and I ran into my ex-boyfriend! I was hoping the day I ran into him I&#39;d be radiating fabulousness, but NO! I was in crappy shoes and worse hair!

  4. says

    Bad hair days are almost everyday for me. My hair is curly and hard to manage and poofy. So that is what it is like to deal with on a daily basis.<br /><br />-Eve<br />-shopgurl101 AT gmail DOT com

  5. says

    My name is Meaghan. A bad hair day for me is when I&#39;m trying to pull off a cool style, and failing! Then it&#39;s back to the old standby: ponytail!

  6. says

    My hair is very fine and limp and oily. If I get lazy and don&#39;t wash my hair every day, it looks horrible and it&#39;s a bad hair day.<br /><br />amt(at)telus(dot)net

  7. leigh says

    My name is Leigh. My bad hair day is everyday because I have worn my hair the same since I was 5 years-old. I have curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it so I wear it in a ponytail everyday. I am so bored of my hair you have no idea. Upon occasion I try something new, but that usually doesn&#39;t work out. Did I mention that I am 33?

  8. says

    performance day. i had a full day of dance competitions. those are the days i need my hair to cooperate… it doesn&#39;t. the hair won&#39;t curl with my diffuser so i have to whip out all the tools just to get it curled properly. the my bangs decide it&#39;s going to straighten no matter how many times i run my straightener through it. <br /><br />of course, the day after when all i need to do

  9. says

    Woo! I&#39;ve been dying to try this! A bad hair day for me is when I don&#39;t have time to straighten my hair and it looks frizzy and wavy…..which occurs regularly LOL! Thanks for the chance!<br /><br />hether78(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. Andrea says

    Bad hair days always seem to happen when you have somewhere important to go! My hair can fall really flat and I look like a hot mess! Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)-Andrea

  11. says

    My name is Isabel and I have frizzy hair. I usually count more bad hair days than good days in a week. My hair is dry, cruly and frizzy. It&#39;s a running gag between me and the BF. He enjoys telling me that my hair is either &quot;out of control&quot;, &quot;OK&quot;, or &quot;a complete mess&quot;. Help. I need.. help!

  12. says

    Hey it&#39;s Couture Carrie!<br />Bad hair day: Junior Prom; I was basically attacked by a curling iron.<br /><br />Just added you to my blogroll too, btw.<br /><br />Fab giveaway!<br /><br />xoxox,<br />CC

  13. says

    Yes! I want soft hair please :)<br /><br />Name is Nelia and my worst hair experience was at House of the Lords on Yonge St., where a woman cut off a LAYER of my hair to make it &quot;not as thick&quot;, which grew out as short stubble in the middle of my hairline…horrid…Never went back to that place again.

  14. says

    My name is Summer and one time I dyed my hair green with purple streaks.. and no.. I have no idea what I was thinking lol. It was a horrible bad hair week!! <br /><br />ssummmer(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. says

    My name&#39;s Beka, and I once got my tips of my hair dyed a bright blue, but the bleach stayed on for too long, so some chunks of hair ended up breaking off! Not so smart! <br />hot_ring_gal at

  16. adrian says

    Hi! Name is Adrian. Bad hair days are when it is very humid or rainy and hair gets frizzy.<br />Thanks for the chance!<br />smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. says

    Hi, my name is Karen. :) <br />One of my bad hair day is when my hair wasn&#39;t really that nice to look at. LOL So i basically tied my hair in a bun by securing it with over 20 bobby pins so its flat) and then tuck in my white beret and take out some strands and curl them to frame my face. During the day, my beret would fall off or my bun would get loose, so i had to fix it for over 15 times

  18. says

    I had washed my hair the night before and forgot to do something with it before I went to bed. I was too tired, I just towel dried it and fell asleep. Ofcourse I woke up late then next morning and in all my rush totally forgot that I had a task of getting my hair to lay flat. I almost cried cause I had to rush to work. That day was a headband day for me, the ones which cover almost half of your

  19. Anonymous says

    Just yesterday actually i was having a bad hair day. It just seems to fall so flat and look blah. I def need a color boost or something.<br /><br />

  20. Anonymous says

    My bad hair day experience is when i got a spiral perm years ago. It was anything but spiral, more like big ball of frizz!<br /><br />

  21. says

    Let&#39;s see, a bad hair day experience…that&#39;s like almost every day for me. When it rains, when it&#39;s humid, when it&#39;s cold, if i shower super early in the morning – as if my hair needed time to wake up first, geez. I&#39;m like Goldilocks, I just need everything to come together to be &quot;just right&quot;. hahaha<br /><br />michelle

  22. says

    Rachel<br /><br />I used to have bad hair days all the time before I found a great flatiron. My mom tried to straighten out my &quot;wavy/ curly/ frizzy&quot; hair rather than work with the curls — I followed suit! So i shampooed…blow dried, and brushed like mad on the hair on my head. This lead to long-term hair thinning and also, really not-straight hair. <br /><br />I finally got my 1st

  23. says

    Hi, my name is Linna. My bad hair day is always the day i wash my hair. its super thick, hard to brush, coarse and turns into a bird&#39;s nest when the wind picks up. having soft smooth hair is like a fairy tale :(

  24. says

    It would be much easier for me to tell you about my good hair days. Any day that it is raining or snowing or humid is a complete disaster for my hair. <br />Jonnie

  25. says

    A bad hair day for me is when I go to bed with wet hair &amp; wake up with a rats nest! I&#39;d love to try this!<br /><br />Melissa<br />littlehoney19(at)hotmail(dot)com

  26. says

    Hi, my name is Huguette.<br /><br />My bad hair day was the day my aunt colored my hair when she was done she started crying. I knew that was not good, I was 21 and she colored my hair gray by mistake!

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