Eyespy Eyebrows

August 18th 2008

Prior to my little mini-vacation I went to have my eyebrows threaded at CURE Salon Spa in Toronto. Usually I tweeze my eyebrows and occasionally have them waxed for shaping, however, I’ve been reading about threading and how its less painfull than waxing. I naturally have thick eyebrows (I’m European descent) and although thick eyebrows are the trend for Fall/Winter 2008 I wasn’t about to sport a catapilar on my forehead. But I do love a natural, clean eyebrow that has a nice arch. So, off I went and booked an appointment with Cure Salon Spa. I initially went there because it was close to home and quite frankly when I searched “eyebrow threading” for the Toronto area that was one of the few places that resulted in my search and could book me at such short notice. Needless to say I was very happy with the results! It was quick and less painfull than waxing and the result was exactly what I wanted, natural full eyebrows with an arch. The total charge was $18 which was more than my usual $5 eyebrow wax. And the best was no redness afterwards which is the norm when I wax. Would definetly get my eyebrows threaded again in the future.

Anyone else get this done? Share your experiences in my comment section? Other places in the Toronto area that you would recommend? I’m also curious about Gee Beauty, although Cure Salon Spa did an amazing job so why ruin a good thing!
(photo: Ralph Lauren Fall’08, credit: Greg Kessler, www.style.com)
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