Coffee anyone? {Travel Tuesday}

April 4th 2012
New York City, NY

How do you take your coffee? As a flight attendant that is one question I ask the most at work. It is also the one question that puzzles me about passengers. Why? Let me explain. For some odd reason when people become passengers all of sudden they forget how to order coffee. Its quite simple. For example;

  1. When you go to Starbucks you pretty much need a prescription to order a coffee and for those that don’t know how, here’s a lesson
  2. When you go to Tim Hortons, (a popular Canadian baked goods restaurant) you might ask for a “double, double” meaning two creams, two sugars. 

For the two above examples; you have most likely stood in line and formulated your coffee request. So, why is it that a passenger that sees a flight attendant coming down the aisle with a trolley forgets how to order coffee?

Sao Paulo, Brazil

As I am on the topic of coffee its also my favourite beverage, hot or cold. No matter where I am in the world I always find a café to sit at and people watch while I drink my coffee.

London, England

So, coffee anyone?

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