Clean your Makeup Brushes {beauty 101}

January 12th 2013

It’s so important to keep your makeup brushes clean! Dirt, bacteria, and grime live in your bristles and your skin is a canvas for all that gunk. My philosophy on beauty is K.I.S.S (keep it simple sister), basically dirty brushes means dirty face. It is so simple to wash your makeup brushes, basically 3 easy steps. Aim for atleast once a week; foundation brushes or cream blush brushes more often. The optimal is to wash them at night so they are dry by morning. Grab your brushes and fragrance-free baby shampoo (any gentle shampoo or brush cleanser will do) and lets get to it:

- don’t use hot water as you don’t want the bristles to unglue or dislodge at base
-don’t soak in bowl either as bristles could again unglue or dislodge at base

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Do you use a different technique?
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