a New York State of Mind {Plush Skin}

Have you ever associated a scent with a memory? A place, your past, a person…Erica Marie Wigley is the creator of Plush Skin. Wigley created a skincare line that not only was cultivated by her memories of her father making soap in her childhood kitchen but whilst researching natural and organic ingredients she combined the two. Being a native of New York, Wigley wanted to share that New York state of mind; BRash, BRight and Brillant! Thus, Plush Skin embodies those memories in a luxurious skincare line that conjures up my memories of posh New York hotel spas. I love the scent of these products. Not only are the scents unisex but natural. Rich, hydrating, organic ingredients have been carefully selected in the Plush Skincare lineup.

Plush Skin 5th Avenue’s Finest Body Silk
Plush Skin Greenwich Village Scrub Down
Plush Skin SoHo Chic Body Oil Elixir
(my absolute favourite; a light watery-oil, not thick at all making it easy to apply onto skin. Tip: use the left-over from hands & apply to tips of hair) 

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More info & where to buy Plush Skin;
Plush Skin

(disclaimer: products given for review, opinions expressed are mine and not influenced or financially compensated. Images; PlushSkin.com)

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