Bye prescription glasses…Bye contact lenses {Lasik surgery}

bye bye
As a Birthday gift to moi I have finally decided to get Lasik surgery and I am so excited and nervous. This is a prodcedure that I have researched and contemplated for years! Being that I’m in my early 30′s and my prescription has not changed in the last few years I feel like “I’m up to bat”. My question is:

Have any of you had Lasik done? Experiences (the good & the ugly please)?



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    Both of my parents had eye surgery. My dad had lasik when it first came out. Both eyes healed up fine but he slept a ton after and had very itchy eyes. He recomends getting a lot of eyedrops like visene. Because they will give you antibiotic eyedrops which will dry out the eyes.<br /><br />My mom took about 2 weeks to heal rather than the 5 days it took my dad but she did not have lasik she

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    I&#39;ve had both LASIK and PRK, one on each eye. When I got my first eye done, LASIK wasn&#39;t really on offer in England so I had no choice but to have PRK. A few years later, when I did my other eye, LASIK was all the rage and is indeed a far better procedure, both for long-term results and for recovery time.<br />I was not a particularly good candidate for laser surgery because I was very

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    Thank you so much for your comments:) It means alot!<br />I&#39;ll be travelling to Colombia actually to get the procedure done. I&#39;m going to one of the best Lasik doctor&#39;s in Medellin, my BF &amp; another 4 friends of mine have gone to this doctor. My big day (for pre-op) is Jan.28 (a day before my Bday):) As of today I&#39;m wearing my glasses &amp; it feels so weird because no one at

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    my husband had the surgery. Although he does benefit from not wearing glasses anymore he does see a halo when driving in the evening…which cannot be corrected with glass.<br /><br />He is also experiencing deterioration in one eye…again cannot be helped by glasses/contacts.<br /><br />In his point of view…if he could do it all over again…he wouldn’t.<br /><br />Not trying to be a damper, just

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    Several of my friends have gone to this specific doctor including my boyfriend who had the procedure done in 2004. Out of the 4 only one has experienced that Halo effect you write about. Of course that is a possibility &amp; no way of determining the outcome. And yes I want both sides of the story:) Where did your husband get the LASIK done?

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