What’s better than Makeup…a good deal! {Mango}

Today after work I decided to make a pit-stop at the mall and I’m sure glad I did! What’s better than makeup? A good deal! And Mango had great deals. I’ve always been a fan of Mango (I worked at MNG a few years back as an Assistant Manager) and I know one of the best times to shop there is in January. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular (shopping is best when we’re not looking) and I couldn’t resist this leather jacket…I bought mine in black on sale for $89.99 cdn. Hurry not much left!
Have you purchased any items on sale lately? Any really good deals?


  1. says

    Esprit and Mexx always have their annual 50% off near boxing day so that was great! I&#39;ve never looked at Mango yet…hmmm might have to check it out! <br /><br />love the leather jacket! did you get it in that colour?

  2. says

    Happy New Year!<br />I bought the jacket in black &amp; actually bought Medium (US) I&#39;m usually a small but want to wear this with sweaters &amp; wanted the length (as you can see in the pic the models falls above her hips whereas mine is at my hips). I&#39;ve always loved Mango even before they were in Canada, it was always on my shopping list when I go overseas.

  3. Kate says

    Hi, Monica<br /><br />I love Mango. I have a problem. <br />I need to buy some fancy bras with matching panties. However, I found it&#39;s very hard to get nice, fashion ones. Do you have any brands to suggest? <br />Thanks.

  4. says

    I actually drooled when i went there last week. Luckily i left my wallet at home (you dont even want to know the state of my bank account came as a HUGE shock to me :/) but I really want about 1000 tings!! Love that jacket!!

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