sshhh! Keep it a Secret {gift ideas under $20}

secret santa
Don’t know what to get for your Secret Santa or how about stuffing that stocking? Well, here are just a few ideas. You don’t have to spend a fortune! All items are under $20 cdn. My faves are getting magazine subscriptions, gift cards (yes I like them & some might argue its tacky but I’d rather get a gift card instead of Reindeer ears with flashing lights), body creams, candles, a book, lipbalms, nailpolish, and of course LUSH always has gift sets:).

Also, new to Canada is E.L.F cosmetics (available at Zellers & sometimes at Winners) which is a perfect inexpensive gift for that teen or young lady in your life. Although I was sent these items I do recommend them as a “makeup on a budget” choice!{In the pic I’m wearing E.L.F lipliner in Mauve Luxe & one of their nude shades from the Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Edition and a picture of Beautiful Blush bronzer-gives a very nice sunkissed shimmer} another inexpensive choice is Jane Cosmetics (also available at Zellers), sorry no pics but can review if you’d like as I’m in love with the stick cream blush.
What are your Secret Santa gift ideas? Do the products above appeal to you or would you secretly sigh at my choices:)?

{I’ve added a disclaimer at the bottom of my blog! I do not receive financial compensation for any of the products mentioned above. Although I am sent products periodically I am not obliged to review favourably nor am I compensated. All opinions are from my personal experience}


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    I love the idea of magazine subscriptions! I ask for it sometimes for XMAS, it's relatively affordable and a gift to be enjoyed all year. But some reason, most people don't take me seriously when I ask for it. LOL.

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    I can't find the bronzer on the actual website (I was sent the product) but it comes in a pink flat box. Not sure if exclusive to Canada or to be released. Sorry that doesn't help much!

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    Thank you, I couldn't find it either but I appreciate it! Also I would love a review of Jane, I actually bought a cream blush stick and didn't really like it but only tried it once, so I would appreciate your thoughts on it

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    magz subscription would be nice !!<br />its like getting present every month for a year.LOL<br />really?u like the pore vacuum?i like it when its wet and hot.LOL.but i can really see the result,i it just me or can u see the resilt?hehe

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    Hi Vanila, the Pore Vacumn is awesome (haven&#39;t used it in almost a year because I need to get over to Asia) but I loved the feeling of the heet once wet.

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